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Κυριακή, 25 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011


Ανέβηκε σήμερα η 1η εφαρμογή της ΝΟΚΙΑ για τα κινητά της που θα τρέχουν Windows Mango. Eίναι μια απλή εφαρμογή και ονομάζεται Apps Highlights.

H περιγραφή από την ΝΟΚΙΑ :

You love your apps and you want to be kept informed of the latest developments? Highlights app helps you find the latest applications that everyone pulls in their assessments and consult with their descriptions and then download them directly to your phone. Never miss anything with live updates, immediate access to local and global best apps carefully selected selections of the day featured the lists of the best apps and direct access to the categories of applications. All this from a single screen! * Standard rates apply
  • Update live apps on the home screen
  • Consultation of the content featured, carefully selected each day for you
  • Lists of the best apps local and global, never miss anything – Research and consultation of new apps is fast and fun.

Και το βίντεο της εφαρμογής :

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